If you don't keep your office carpet clean, your employees will become less productive or get sick often, and you won't want to host potential business prospects or even entertain your customers in your office. A dirty office carpet can be a great embarrassment, and it could tarnish the image of your business in a big way. Asking your staff to clean the office carpet is a mistake you shouldn't make. See why only professional cleaners should clean your dirty office carpet. 

In-Depth or Thorough Cleaning

If you always ask your employees to clean your office carpet, they might only clean the noticeable debris and spills. They may not have the right cleaning equipment or skills to remove the small traces of allergens, bacteria or even pollen. Your employees' cleaning technique can hardly eliminate the dust mites or mould traces that hide deep within the fibres of your office carpet. If you usually clean your office carpet only when you see stains, grime and spills on it, you might never keep it clean as it should be or maintain the required hygiene standards. Only professional carpet cleaners can dislodge the dirt ingrained into the fibres of your office rug.

Fresh Indoor Air Always

A dirty office carpet isn't just a glaring eyesore but also a cause of absenteeism among your employees. The nasty contaminants the carpet traps compromise the quality of the indoor air in your office in a big way. When the quality of the indoor air deteriorates, the health of your employees and clients is compromised. That's why some of your employees will experience nose irritation, headaches, sore throats and dizziness. Others will experience reduced energy levels, decreased concentration and respiratory problems such as asthma. However, a professionally cleaned carpet will enhance productivity and concentration among your employees and even boost the immunity of allergic employees.

Not Pricey as You Have Always Thought

Some business people believe that hiring professional cleaners to clean the office carpet is expensive, but it's not as expensive as you may think. Most professional carpet cleaners offer friendly quotes, and they can sometimes allow you to negotiate for a friendlier price. If you keep your office carpet dirty, you could use more money on drugs treating allergies or use your air conditioner for longer hours to freshen the indoor air, increasing your energy bill. Professional cleaners could also maintain your office carpet clean at affordable rates or even give you discounted cleaning services. This way, you don't just enjoy having a clean carpet in your office, but you also save more of your business money.

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