Here are two tips to follow if you'd like to have your house exterior washed with a pressure cleaner.

Protect your outdoor decor

A day or so before the cleaner is expected, you should take a look around your house exterior and consider if there is any outdoor decor that you might need to protect when during the pressure-washing process. The reason for this is that when pressure cleaners are pointed at very dirty walls, for example, the dirt on those walls will be pushed off by the water. Most of this dirty water will then fall to the ground and be rinsed away by the pressure cleaners; however, some of it may fly off the walls and onto the surrounding surfaces, along with water droplets. As such, if you have large-leafed potted plants around your exterior where dirty water could land, or if you have patio furniture or outdoor string lights in this area, you might want to take them inside until after the pressure-washing work is finished.

Similarly, whilst professionals who use pressure cleaners will never direct this equipment towards any fragile objects that are in their work area, there is still a risk of the equipment's water jet damaging these items; this could happen if, for example, a sudden gust of wind pushes the water jet towards a hanging flower basket. As such, if you have hanging baskets, trellises or removable outdoor lights around your house exterior, the safest thing to do would be to temporarily put them inside.

Try to have the exterior pressure-washed on a dry, warm day

Whilst it's possible for a person to use a pressure cleaner on a day when it's rainy or even snowing, it's best to have your exterior pressure washed on a dry, warm day. The reason for this is that pressure cleaners produce a high-speed water jet that produces a lot of water in a short space of time.

As such, if you have your entire house exterior washed with this equipment, and it's not a dry or warm day, it could take quite a long time for the completely saturated surfaces that get washed to dry. Furthermore, if it's raining, the rain may darken some areas of the exterior walls or any paving you want to have washed, and make it harder for the cleaners to see which sections are particularly dirty and need to be cleaned with this equipment.

Keep these tips in mind when looking for pressure cleaners near you.