One of the simple and yet effective ways to sell your business is investing in cleanliness and order. When the workplace is clean and organized, employees have better peace of mind and are more productive. Additionally, new clients will be drawn to businesses with a positive brand image. The cleanness of your office lounge can be the difference between signing on a new client and losing business altogether. It is, therefore, crucial to always ensure that you hire the best people to handle your office cleaning. Here are three effective guidelines in commercial cleaning.

Have a Cleaning Checklist

Most commercial cleaners understand what cleanliness entails in the office environment. They will, therefore, follow their set guidelines to keep all the crucial parts of the office clean. However, their list might not fully represent your cleaning needs. Therefore, take time and create a checklist for them. Some of the areas where you should demand thorough cleaning include the reception, washrooms, kitchenettes, conference rooms, and workstations. You can also inspect the cleaning after to ensure that they delivered the cleanliness standard you want.

Plan for Carpet Cleaning

Almost all working places invest in carpeting because of advantages such as minimising noise during movements around the office and the aesthetic advantages. However, carpets also trap a lot of dirt from the outside and need regular cleaning.  You should hire an expert to handle carpet cleaning. Problems that arise from poor carpet cleaning include carpets not drying up completely, which can lead to the development of mould. Poorly cleaned carpets also have a characteristic musky smell which makes working in the office uncomfortable. Professional cleaners will help you organise effective carpet cleaning to keep your office fresh and clean at all times. 

Emphasize Organisation

Some companies are good at cleaning, but when it comes to organising the workplace, they fail terribly. The great organisation starts in the office planning stages. When setting up the office, ensure that every employee gets the right storage equipment such as desks and filing cabinets. Additionally, have over the desk planning methods such as trays and wall pockets to keep everything organised. When the cleaning company finds the storage equipment in place, they have an easy time helping your employees to de-clutter. 

Keeping your office space clean is the first simple thing to do to ensure your brand is projecting the right image to the world outside. Take time and pick the right cleaning company because when you do, all your organisation issues will be resolved.

For more information, reach out to local commercial cleaning services.