How do you keep your business premises clean? You might employ a commercial company to clean the building after work has finished for the day, or you may ask your employees to take time during the day to keep the office tidy. Whatever approach you take to cleaning, you won't be able to make much of an impression on the accumulated grime unless you have access to the right commercial cleaning supplies. To choose the most suitable commercial cleaning supplies, you will need to think carefully about the space you want to clean and what types of contamination you will need to remove. There are at least three specific things you will want to think through before purchasing your supplies

What surfaces will be cleaned?

When you look around the room, what areas of grime do you see that need to be tackled? You probably want the floor cleaned, but do you have a carpet that needs to be vacuumed or tiles that need to be scrubbed? Are there desks to be polished or work surfaces that need to be disinfected? Each work environment is unique, and the surfaces will all need to be considered individually, especially if they are delicate.  

If you are faced with cleaning a surface that can be marked easily, then look for cleaning products with a balanced pH. Continually using a cleaning product with either a high or low pH will lead to the surface becoming etched over time.

Applying the cleaning product

While you might think that applying a cleaning solution is straightforward, that isn't always the case. Commercial cleaning supplies are developed by their manufacturer to be applied in a specific way, and if you vary the quantity of the product, the way it is applied or the level of dilution, then you could find that the product is ineffective or that it is too harsh and damages the surface you are trying to clean. It is always best to take the time to study the instructions carefully so that you are confident that it is safe to use on your surface and that you have prepared the solution correctly. If you aren't sure whether a particular product is suitable for your surface, then contacting the manufacturer and asking is always a good decision.

Gathering your supplies

It can be easy to think about the creams and cleaning liquids you need and to ensure that you have a regular stock of them but to forget some of the accessories that must go with these products. When buying your commercial cleaning supplies make sure your supplier can also provide the sponges, microfibre cloths and disposable gloves that you will need to carry out the cleaning every day.

To learn more, contact a resource that sells commercial cleaning supplies.