In Australia, many office managers rely on casual labour to carry out tasks like office cleaning. Although there is nothing wrong with such an approach, it can land you in trouble with the tax authorities if the cleaner concerned is not declaring all of their income and you are found to have been in breach of the law. Therefore, a lot of office managers prefer to use a professional cleaning contractor to carry out such tasks. What are the main benefits of opting for professional office cleaning services?

A Tailored Service

When you have your offices cleaned for you by a contracting firm, you can get the job done that you need and avoid what you don't. In many cases, a casual cleaner will undertake the same tasks day in and day out without truly thinking about whether they are always necessary or not. Sure, you might want your office toilets and kitchen area cleaned every day, but do all workstations need to be dusted and wiped down so often? There again, you might want the carpet around your reception area to be vacuum cleaned every few days to keep it looking smart but not the boardroom which might only be used now and again. With a professional office cleaning contract in operation, you can pick and choose which are the most important daily jobs and those which need to be done only once or twice a week.

Continuity of Service

When you have a system of casual labour in place for your office cleaning, you will sometimes go for several weeks with no cleaning taking place at all. What if you cleaner goes on holiday or is sick? These are questions you don't need to find answers to when you have a proper cleaning contract in place for your workplace. The company providing the service should have lots of cleaning operatives on their books who can come in to continue the service even if your usual cleaner is not available.

Better Cleaning

Bear in mind that professional office cleaning firms will have access to the best cleaning products around. These can often only be bought in bulk by cleaning contractors which means your office will be more sparkling than ever before. Just take some of the floor cleaning products as an example. Professional cleaners will often be able to kill more microbes that are hanging around on floors due to the products they use than casual employees. In turn, this means fewer office workers going sick and a consequent boost to your firm's productivity.

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