Leather is one of the most luxurious materials in the furniture industry. It is visually appealing, durable, and screams elegance. Tear and wear are normal, but like fine wine, the aesthetics of leather improve with age. However, if you want your leather sofa to stay luxurious, you must clean it the right way. This article highlights essential tips for cleaning leather upholstery.

Try a Sample of Cleaning Detergent

There is no shortage of leather cleaning solutions in the market today, with each promising something different. Therefore, it is essential to establish whether the detergent you are purchasing is right for your leather couch. However, the only way to confirm that you are buying the proper leather cleaning solvent is to see it in action. Rather than splash copious amounts of the solution on your leather sofa, it would help if you first tried it on a hidden section of your seat. For instance, apply the cleaning solution on the sofa's back and let the patch rest for a few hours. If a cleaning detergent does not react with your leather seat, you can proceed with the exercise. However, if you notice any abnormal reaction, you must change the cleaning solution with something more friendly to your leather sofa.

Stretch the Leather

Leather upholstery tends to crease at certain sections, which might affect the quality of cleaning. The folds harbour dust and debris and glossing over them eventually leads to faster wear and tear. Therefore, stretch the folds fully when cleaning your leather sofa. While you can do it yourself, you will do a great job if you ask for help. As one person stretches the fabric, the other cleans the dirt hidden inside the folds. Reach the deepest parts of a leather sofa with a wet cloth since some debris finds its way into the crevices.

Dry the Leather Thoroughly

Most homeowners get this part wrong, which is often evident from the results. Drying recently cleaned, wet leather upholstery is not just a matter of wiping it with a dry cloth. The dry cloth will absorb moisture, but not all of it. Besides, if you apply leather cream on wet leather, you will soon be dealing with mildew. The best approach is to wipe damp leather upholstery and let the sofa dry naturally during the day. Once you are sure that every part is dry, apply a leather cream and buff the upholstery to a shine.

For more information, contact a local leather upholstery cleaning service.