Pets are beloved members of the family unit. They do not have a problem brightening those dull days, and they not care whether you want to be alone or not. However, pets can be a piece of work, particularly if not well-trained. Untrained pets can pee anywhere inside a house, and a carpet bears the brunt in most households. Notably, pet pee can be a real turn-off, and no amount of air freshener can take the odour away. That is why homeowners must clean their carpets immediately after their pets pee. Here are essential tips for approaching the carpet cleaning process.

Soak the Urine

Unless you are away when your pet pees on a carpet, you should focus on preventing the urine from soaking deep into the carpet. First, you should soak out as much of the urine as possible, using paper towels or old newspapers. Standing on the paper for a minute or so ensures that you soak as much urine as possible. Your weight allows paper towels to absorb most of the urine. Notably, it would help if you did it two to three times until the spot becomes barely damp.

Use Enzymatic Cleaners

Pet urine contains enzymes that can cause staining and ruin carpet fibres. Therefore, do not think that absorbing your pet's urine using paper towels is enough to maintain the carpet's condition. You need to apply an enzymatic cleaner once the affected spot is relatively dry. Enzymatic cleaners are purposely meant to break down urine molecules, to prevent staining and long-lasting odour. The good news is that you can find enzymatic cleaners in a local store, but you need to use them based on specific guidelines for the best results. For instance, some cleaners require you to dampen a spot with water for fast action, while others do not. Let the cleaner do its job for a while before drying the excess with a rag. Notably, enzymatic carpet cleaners work best when applied immediately after blotting out the spot. Thus, it is advisable to stock a cleaner if you have a pet for immediate application.

Dry the Spot

A damp carpet is the last thing you want in your home, no matter the size of a urine spot. Therefore, dry the area thoroughly to prevent foul odour from the dampness. You can do it by opening the windows and allowing in the sun and wind. However, you must place a barrier around a damp spot to prevent people from walking through and soiling it. Alternatively, you can use a carpet dryer if a site is not in the sun's direct path. It is better to clean the carpet right away than having a spot that you need to avoid.