Cleaning the glass windows of a commercial building achieves a lot more than hygiene. It improves productivity, creates a positive image, promotes safety and saves on costs. As far as facility managers are concerned, the benefits can only be achieved with professional commercial window cleaning services. Although buildings are unique in their complexity and design, emerging trends in commercial cleaning equipment aim to make work easier for service providers. This article highlights emerging trends that commercial window cleaners must watch out for.

Window Cleaning Drones 

One trend already shaping the commercial window cleaning industry is the use of drones. While drones have been around for a while now, they have never been used to clean commercial windows — until now. Drones are particularly handy for tall skyscrapers where manual cleaning would be impractical. It makes drones a safer option for window cleaning teams. Additionally, tethered drones are incredibly efficient since you can adjust their cleaning range as you wish. To facility managers, the use of drones is affordable since the devices take very little time and use few resources.

Cleaning Robots 

Some window cleaning robots resemble automatic floor cleaners that have become a hit with homeowners. Both cleaners use the same principle since a robot is equipped with soft bristles and a squeegee. Window cleaning robots are quiet and can be used at any time without distracting workers. Some robotic window cleaners look like car wash scrubbers and are only used on the exterior side of commercial windows. The cleaners are particularly suitable for tall skyscrapers with borderless windows. In this case, a robotic scrapper is released from the top of a building and automatically cleans the windows as it rolls down. Note that robotic window cleaners have a power cable, meaning that the location of power outlets limits their operation range.

Double-Sided Magnetic Window Cleaner 

Traditionally, window cleaners had to clean both the internal and external parts of a window, which too take time when doing it manually. Thus, commercial cleaning services try to save time by using two sets of cleaners for both sides of windows. However, you can avoid the hassle by employing a double-sided magnetic window cleaner. As the name suggests, a double-sided cleaner comes in two parts: an inner and an outer section. The two parts are held together by a magnet that helps the external piece move in the same direction as the internal unit. Although a double-sided magnetic cleaner is still manual, it is much easier to use than the traditional sponge and squeegee.