As a homeowner, you probably try your best to keep your household expenses as low as possible. Therefore, it is expected that you would prefer engaging in DIY improvements around the home so that you do not spend too much money enlisting professional services. And while this may work with a few projects around the home, it is not recommended for carpet cleaning.

One common mistake made by some people is thinking that as long as they vacuum their carpet regularly and wash it on occasion, it is free of grime, but this is incorrect. The truth of the matter is that dirt and microbes are harboured in the fibres and underlayment of carpet and these are hard to get rid of without specialised equipment. Consequently, you endanger your health and that of your loved ones. If you have previously thought that professional carpet cleaning is solely for aesthetic value, check out the various health risks that professional carpet cleaning will alleviate from your home.


When some people think of bacteria, they tend to think that they are solely found in filthy places such as the toilet, but this is untrue. Your carpet is exposed to a wide range of bacteria stemming from the dirt under shoes, droplets of blood, spilled beverages and so much more. The longer that your carpet is not deep-cleaned, the more time the bacteria get to breed and this makes your carpet a health hazard. This issue is especially problematic if you have young children who like to lie on the carpet. Professional carpet cleaning eliminates these pathogens and subsequently alleviates them from your home.

Skin and respiratory irritations

If anyone in your home has sensitive skin, they are a higher chance of experiencing skin irritations from a dirty carpet. And this can be attributed to the presence of dust mites. These minuscule pests are hard to see with the naked eye so you will not know if they have infested your carpet. However, despite their size, they can aggravate skin conditions such as eczema. Additionally, the accumulation of dust mites, hair, pollen and so on will aggravate the health of individuals that are living with pre-existing respiratory conditions. As a result, you notice that your loved ones that live with medical conditions such as asthma, emphysema, chronic bronchitis and so on are constantly coughing, expending trouble breathing, wheezing and sneezing due to the compromised air quality. Professional carpet cleaning mitigates these triggers and drastically improves the air in your home.